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Pink Lagoon EX by Studio Enigma, translated.

Hello. Just another mediocre translator here. I don’t do commissions and I don’t do requests, but I do heed suggestions. If there’s something you want translated, feel free to suggest it. No guarantee that I’ll translate it, but I’ll at least take a look and give you a definite yes or no. When picking doujinshi for translation, I tend to pick by artists I favor more than the series they’re based on.

Into English. (more…)

[Tokorodokoro Archive] Motchie, Part II

With 0405 of Tokorodokoro At Night closing down his site and moving onto other things, I was afraid his doujinshi translations would be lost to the aether, so I offered to host them as a permanent repository.

Below the cut is a three-volume translated doujinshi by Motchie Kingdom entitled Pink Lagoon. (more…)