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Insert’s “My Personal Big Breasted Masturbation Maid -Asakura Manami-“

Here’s a C79 rescan, now with 100% less watermark!  In this chapter, we get some fun cosplay incest fun!  I’ll be adding this to my list of commissions, too.  Mmm, Insert.  :9  Enjoy! (more…)

Bang-You’s “Weaponless Catch”

One of the issues with a system that allows voting to alter attributes of user uploaded data, is that it is very easy for incorrect information to get propagated.  As an example, this upload of mine on e-hentai got renamed to C79… DESPITE ME BUYING IT IN JULY.  Besides that, it came out BEFORE C77.  Yeah, I guess someone looked at the upload date rather than the published date.  Yep, gotta love idiots.

Anyway, here’s a new C79 scan; all Bang-You for the win.  Enjoy! (more…)