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Hirohito Tokie’s “Witch Time”

Here’s another new scan, this time a Bayonetta doujin from Hirohito Tokie!

On another note, I’m going to set up an archive torrent. Should make some people happy, ne? (more…)

Hirohito Tokie’s “Hazard Level 5”

Sadly, the printing on this doujin is not up to snuff.  The lines are really light. Anyway, it’s still Hirohito Tokie, so it’s great.  I think it’s a Resident Evil doujin, based solely on the weirdness and the wormy-brooch-thing, which I think I saw in another doujin labeled as RE.  Anyway, enjoy! (more…)

Hirohito Tokie’s “Hard-Fought Chronicle of Rika’s Inn”

Here’s Hirohito Tokie’s doujin release from C76, featuring characters from Dragon Quest 9.  Unfortunately, I don’t know who the characters actually are.  Enjoy! (more…)

Hirohito Tokie’s “Next Mission” [English]

My latest commission courtesy of SaHa is my scan of Hirohito Tokie’s 009-1 doujin “Next Mission.”  Enjoy your lactating cyborg x futa cyborg pr0n! (more…)

Hirohito Tokie’s “Next Mission”

What do you get when you combine an incredibly hot artist with futa?