Archive for March 13th, 2009
Ranman’s “Moppai!!”

Second release for the day! Here’s another oversized full color doujin, this time by Ranman. There are three short beautifully drawn stories in this one; as a warning, one involves straight shota. The others involve MILF-masturbation and hammock sex. Enjoy! (more…)

Perceptron’s “Sister and Kanako”

Here’s a short release from Perceptron for you all. I’m not sure which event this copybon is from, but it’s fairly recent; C74 most likely. There’s no date that I can see anywhere on it. Anyway, it’s very hot with some nice light bondage and either futa or strap-on action. Early on it makes me think it’s a strap-on, but the final scene makes me think otherwise. I’m using the futa category for this post because of that. Anyway, enjoy! (more…)