Archive for July 4th, 2011

Hey all, just a quick update. I was working on some unrelated projects, and had a major computer hardware failure, so everything is on hold right now. I’ll update when I have a better idea of how things are looking.

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE (June 4): Good news is I’m getting everything back in order and will have some stuff to post soon. Bad news is the hardware failure resulted in a corruption of most of my archive PNGs, which isn’t THAT big a loss, as the JPG versions are all still available on the intarwebs. Also lost most of the stuff I’ve downloaded over the past couple years, but all that means is that i don’t have to sort it, yay! I did not lose any unposted scans, so worry not in that regard.

UPDATE TO THE UPDATED UPDATE (July 4): I’ve been at AX on vacation since I posted my batch of stuff last week; just wanted to mention I’ll have a few good scans to post when I return. As I said, though, I’ve had some unexpected expenses over the past few months, so my C80 order will be smaller than I’d like. I will be getting some of the usual suspects for sure (Maidoll, Insert, etc.), but if you’d like to see more of what I normally scan, please donate!