Alice no Takarabako’s “MC High”

I’m back, after much too long of a hiatus! I apologize for it; as I mentioned in my update post the machine I do storage and posting from (although not the one I scan from, luckily) had some epic hardware failure. Unfortunately, getting everything back up and running took a very long time and was very expensive (took the opportunity to invest in some upgrades and REAL BACKUPS, natch). Bad news is that this means I will probably not be able to afford to buy much from C80. I do have a lot of older stuff to scan too, though.

All that aside, I have some new scans for you all! First up are high-res rescans of the first three chapters of “MC High” from Alice no Takarabako. Enjoy!

First Period: Hotfile | Megaupload
Second Period: Hotfile | Megaupload
Third Period: Hotfile | Megaupload

June 28th, 2011 10:03 pm

Sorry to hear about your hardware issues. Here’s hoping that everything runs smoothly from this point on.

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