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Rokuroh Isako’s “Lady Reiko’s Daily Life” [English]

Here’s another translation, courtesy of desudesu.  I commissioned it especially for smekt, since i know how much he likes piggie sex.  Enjoy! (more…)

Q’s “Futanari Erection Girl” Chapter 01 [English]

Here’s the start of my latest commission from SaHa, Q’s (Behind Moon) first tankoubon, “Futanari Erection Girl.”  This chapter is entitled “Erection Girls.”  Also, down at the bottom of the post are chapters 7 through 10, which I previously had commissioned as magazine chapters, re-edited using the tankoubon scans.  Enjoy! (more…)

Kaiten Sommelier’s “18 Kaiten Mouth and Ass Toughness” [English]

Here’s another scan with a complementary translation courtesy of Nameless Translator!  This is very nice Daphne in the Brilliant Blue doujin, by Kaiten Sommelier, who does some incredibly nice artwork.  Enjoy your delicious Shizuka assfucking~ (more…)

Alice no Takarabako’s “The Animalm@ster Vol.1” (English)

Here’s my latest commission, courtesy of desudesu.  The fetishes in this one are varied, including hypnotism, dog-girl cosplay, and wikipedia article on raising dogs.  Enjoy! (more…)

Skirt-Tuki’s “No Panties White Base”

Here’s Skirt Tuki’s latest doujinshi from C76, featuring the characters from Mobile Suit Gundam.  Omnomnom Sayla~  :9 (more…)

Haruki Genia’s “Perfect Banned Book Catalog 3”

Yes, I know, this was already scanned, but I’d already taken it apart.  Enjoy!

Incidentally, I noticed I forgot to include the “2” in the foldername for the last one.  Sorry about that. (more…)

Nao Kokonoki’s Unnamed Chapter from Shinzui 5 [English]

Here’s another commission courtesy of DesuDesu.  Also from Shinzui 5, this is an unnamed chapter by one of my favorites, Nao Kokonoki.  Enjoy your slutty wife-who-likes-it-up-the-ass porn! (more…)

Alice no Takarabako’s “The Animalm@ster Vol.1”

Here’s the latest doujin by Alice no Takarabako, involving characters from Idomaster.  This primarily involves hypnosis/mind control to get the woman to think she’s a dog (and the associated dog cosplay).  I’m looking forward to volume 2, and I hope it involves the two women at the end.  Enjoy! (more…)